Sunrise Shell

North Shore, Oahu

waialua  (10)

There is this place in Waialua, Oahu where triangles posts rule the water. I was told these triangle figures promote coral regrowth.  The sea turtles and fish call the triangles their home.

waialua  (5)

You can see the points of the triangles sticking out of the water at low tide.

waialua  (6)

waialua  (7)

They look mysterious underwater.

waialua  (8)

waialua  (9)

waialua  (10)

waialua  (11)


waialua  (12)

Rise in water temperature and pollution have caused corals to die off at an alarming rate. In the case of this beach, the pollution has caused an algae bloom. Then the algae cover the coral which prevents it from getting its nourishment from the sun. Then it dies off.

No coral = no fish = no food

waialua  (13)

Coral is a complex system of many tiny animals called polyps that live in calcium skeletons. All of those little dots on the coral is actually an individual coral polyp animal. Humans have their skeletons on the inside but corals have their skeletons on the outside. The calcium form you see is its skeleton, then all of the little soft animals rest inside of tiny holes within the skeleton. It is important not to step on coral. For when you step on coral you are actually smooshing all of the ity bity animals into their own skeleton. This kills them. Please be careful where you put your feet.

waialua  (15)

waialua  (16)

Hiding from my camera

waialua  (17)

Can you see him? He camoflages really well!

waialua  (18)

waialua  (19)

waialua  (20)

waialua (8b)

waialua  (1)

Where I rested after my swim

waialua  (2)

waialua  (3)

The construction was well done

waialua  (4)


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