Sunrise Shell

Shark’s Cove, Oahu

sharks cove (3)

sharks cove (1)

sharks cove (1b)

sharks cove (2)

sharks cove (4)

sharks cove (3)

sharks cove (5)

Snowflake Eel peeking its head out of its coral home to see if its safe to come out. However, the paparazzi with the camera made it nervous.

sharks cove (6)

Beautiful nudibranch with a fluffy butt, or is that its face? Never can tell with these creatures.

sharks cove (7)

Such a pretty little nudi! There was also a lavender nudibranch that looked just like this one but I didn’t manage to take its photo.

sharks cove (8)

You can run, but you can’t hide!

sharks cove (9)

Moorish Idols nibbling on little critters in the rock.

sharks cove (10)

I’m not too sure what it is, but it scared me.

sharks cove (11)

A delicious…I mean a delightful Parrot Fish. (Keep in mind that Shark’s Cove is a marine sanctuary and fishing within its waters can carry a hefty fine. So just let the stomach grumble and go eat at the burger shack across the street.)

sharks cove (12)

Most of the fish at Shark’s Cove have no fear. Therefore they swam right with me.

sharks cove (13)

I love deep water.

sharks cove (15)

I love the neon colors! My photo didn’t come out well but the fish was neon purple with neon blue spots and a bright yellow tale. God is very creative.

sharks cove (16)

A shy Trumpet Fish.

sharks cove (17)

Needle nose fish.

sharks cove (18)

An icky ocean centipede.




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